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The username and password are the one setup with the project. If you didn't setup a database with a username and password the default is: Username: admin, password: sqlfusion

Browser type You have today 2 types of web browsers, Internet Explorer and DOM 2.0 compliant web browsers (FireFox, Safari, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape…)

Display Mode Frame or Popups, frames will open the PageBuilder in ONE browser window, the popups will open multiple popup windows for each part. It looks more like the Photoshop User interface but requires a big screen with lots of real estate.

Design Level PageBuilder includes 2 levels, one for beginners with a very light user interface and one for experienced users with all of the features.

File Type Unless you really know what you are doing use the PHP; the HTML is a specific mode for compatibility with Drag Drop Sitecreator

Source code editor This is for Developers, it will display contextual source code for the page.

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