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Radria includes an extensive range of tools but the 3 main ones are the PageBuilder, SiteManager and the WebIDE. They make up the core of the system and are the base upon which to go forward and create your site.


It is a unique technology; imagine a simplified web based version of Dreamweaver.

It's a CSS web application creation tool. It reads and writes HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript code.

PageBuilder is a user web interface builder, it can be used for simple web pages to complex forms or data views.

It was designed for both web developers and web designers.


  1. CSS Style Sheet Editor
  2. Div / Layer positioning manager
  3. WYSIWYG, CSS web page creation
  4. Drag and Drop elements positioning
  5. Syntax Highlight source code editing
  6. Includes manager
  7. Realtime PHP and Javascript execution
  8. Add-on extensions


The Pagebuilder default installation is very basic, a dozen Add-Ons are already available for additional features.

  • Forms: Mailto and general forms
  • Shape Drawing: Create colored round corner rectangles with gradients.
  • LightBox: Small image gallery with nice Ajax effects.
  • podcasting: Flash MP3 player to embed sounds in web pages
  • GoogleGadget: Google Maps, Stocks, sport news, quotes, games…(*mashup*)
  • GoogleVideo: Display google videos in web pages. (*mashup*)
  • YouTube: Display your videos or friends video in a web pages. (*mashup*)
  • Flash video player: Display and play flash videos (flv).
  • Flickr Photo: Display your or your friends photos from flickr.(*mashup*)
  • RSSFeeds: Display RSS Feeds, titles with links.
  • Password project: Password protect individual pages.
  • Database Build database driven web sites with point and click.


It's a web base interface to create Radria projects, setup the database, publish them over FTP and install / remove / upgrade packages.

You will find more information in the SiteManager documentation

Project setup

The SiteManager allows you to manage your different Web Application projects.

When creating new projects it automatically creates the base file structure and required files for your new project.

When you create a new database name and username it will automatically create the database and setup the proper user privileges.

Package Management

The package management is one of the most powerful feature of Radria.

By default a Radria project is blank with nothing in it. It's by using Add-ons, tools, libraries, components and applications that you will compose your application. This allows maximum flexibility in the web application you want to create.

More information on the_packages and how to create them is contained in the extend Radria section.

Application Publishing

Each package in your project has a set of instruction that define which files should be uploaded and what instructions to run in order to configure them on the live server.


Its a web base database editor and source code editor for Radria projects.


Create tables, add or delete fields. Support advanced field types like Ajax suggest and drop or list box.

View database table of contents and add / edit / records

Manage Registry objects.

Create SQL queries and save them for reuse in the different Objects.

Forms & Views


Views are called Reports in a lot of places. They are Dataviews


User interaction is processed by [core:events|Events]. Events are triggered by Forms, links and are composed of one or multiple Event Action.


Definition of the different objects of your application.

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