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FieldType Text Suggest

It displays a text field and as the user types in the field it retrieves a list of suggestion.


You will need to install the following package:


We suggest you use the WebIDE to setup the field type to a Registry or Table.

Suggested data

The data suggested are coming from a Saved SQL Query.

When you add the Text Suggest field type to a Registry or a Table field it will require you to provide Saved SQL Query.

In the WebIDE create the query with the *[suggest_search]* that will be replaced by the user suggestion.

For example:

SELECT category FROM product
  WHERE category LIKE '%[suggest_search]%'

In this example we have added a field type Suggest to the category field of the product table. When the user begins typing and pauses it then runs this query with the typed string replacing the [suggest_search] and returns the selected category

The query should return only one column and the [suggest_search] contains the user input.

Registry Source

Sample registry source code:

  <rfield name="category">
    <rdata type="databasetype">varchar</rdata>
    <rdata type="default"></rdata>
    <rdata type="label">This is the test suggest</rdata>
    <rdata type="saved_query">suggest_query</rdata>
    <rdata type="num_line">10</rdata>
    <rdata type="width">30</rdata>
    <rdata type="max_size">80</rdata>
    <rdata type="fieldtype">FieldTypeTextSuggest</rdata>
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