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Radria a new way to quickly create PHP web applications.

It is a collection of web based tools for web designers and for web developers using GUI tools.

Building Web Applications with a Desktop application just doesn't sound right.

Why & Future

We've been building PHP Web applications for 11 years. Along the way we built some very cool web based tools to make things faster, reusable and maintainable.

In late 2007 we released all of those tools to the open source community as a base for Radria.

It is our vision that Radria will change the way people build web applications.

Before Radria Web Developers couldn't take advantage of the web to build web applications. Notepad, desktop IDE or editors, Dreamweaver or GoLive do not take advantage of the Web as they are desktop applications.

We have discovered that if you move the Development tools onto the Web you open an infinite range of possibilities.

Key features

Web Based Package manager - Everything in Radria is contained in packages, with the same logic used by Linux distribution. Packaged are easy to create and install in a project. They include tools, libraries, components and even full applications.

Web Based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) - This is where you edit PHP, HTML, CSS, javascript, XML source code files, create database table structures and build registries.

WYSIWYG, drag and drop Web Page Builder with Real time execution of Javascript and PHP code.

Intelligent FTP publishing and synchronization.

What it is

  • It's a web based package manager for PHP applications.
  • It's an Ajax web page builder.
  • It's a web based IDE.
  • It's a drag and drop database application builder.
  • It's component and add-on oriented.
  • It's a web based application auto installer (one click)
  • It's a web-based replacement for Dreamweaver, nvu or GoLive.

What it is not

  • Its not a CMS like drupal or joomla
  • Its not a framework like phpCake, Prado, Zend or Synphony.
  • Its not a blogging platform like wordpress.
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