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Radria Package Repositories

Package repositories are folders with Packages and a packages.txt text file that lists the package available in that folder.

The folder need to be accessible by HTTP or HTTPS.

Sample packages.txt file

  AddOn: PageBuilder Add-On
  shape_drawing-0.9.pkg: Create rectangle images with round corners and gradient colors
  mailto_and_form-1.2.pkg: Create Forms in your web page.
  Lightbox_2.0-1.6.pkg: Ajax image popup and browsing
  podcasting-0.2.pkg: Play your PodCast or MP3 in your website 
  GoogleGadget-0.5.pkg: Add tons of cool gadget, from google map addres to count down, clocks, stocks, sport scores...
  GoogleVideo-0.1.pkg: Display google videos in your web site
  YouTube-0.5.pkg: Insert videos from YouTube in your web sites.
  flash_video_player-0.3.pkg: Play Flash movies (flv) directly on your web site. (no size limitation). 
  FlickrPhoto-0.4.pkg: Insert photos from flicker in your web sites
  RSSFeeds-0.4.pkg: Display headlines from News or blog web sites.
  magpierss_0.72-0.1.pkg: RSS library needed for flickr Photo, Youtube Video and RSS Feeds
  javascript_menu-0.3.pkg: Easy to use multi-level Javascript menu tree
  password_protect-0.1.pkg: Simple password protection for pages.
  design_kids_marine-0.2.pkg: <b>Site Design</b> Kids Marine: <img src="http;;//radria.sqlfusion.com/pkg/radria/1/design/kids_marine_main_200_144.jpg">
  design_restaurant_grape-0.2.pkg: <b>Site Design</b> Restaurant Grape: <img src="http;;//radria.sqlfusion.com/pkg/radria/1/design/restaurant_grape_main_200_144.jpg">

The first line Contains the name of the repository and its description. Repository names are usually one word and very short.

The packages are listed with one package per line. The full package file name and its short description are separated by a colon. A second colon can be added to include a long description.

All : in the descriptions need to be replaced by ;;

Update your package sources

By default Radria is setup with base repositories; to access your custom repository you need to change your Site Manager Configuration.

Check this article on Setting up new package repositories.

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